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What is the Most Effective Copywriting Method?

Direct Response Copywriting method used by the world’s most successful direct-response copywriting company…

There are so many methods out there to write copy.
But no scientific comparison of their conversion.
In this case, one can ideally look at the most successful copywriting practices in the world.
That’s what I’m going to reveal here today.
The largest copywriting company uses a method to write their million-dollar promotions.
The company uses this “copyboarding” process to craft the most convincing copy in the world.
This exact method helped them reach $1 Billion in revenue last year.
It’s a well-known company but its methods aren’t known.
So I’m one of the very few copywriters who studied this method religiously.
And I would like to apply this method to make your products or services sell like never before.
Let’s make it clear…
The only thing I care about is that the copy converts.
So let me explain this unique copywriting method that created millions of dollars.
First, I’m looking for a “big idea”.
Big Idea is the backbone of a sales letter. It’s the unique way your product or services stand out.
And big ideas are discovered during research.
I try to find the Big Idea from the USP (Unique Selling Proposition).
If uniqueness doesn’t exist, we need to create it.
Big Ideas are about presenting the product or services in a fresh way.
After the USP leading up to Big Idea, I list all the objections the reader might have not to buy the product.
And order them logically creating a “story”.
This is our outline.
To give an idea, the most common objections are like:

Why should I give you my attention?
What’s in it for me?
I can just work fine without it. I don’t really have a problem.
How will my life improve?
Who are you?
What do you do?
Why should I trust you?
How are you different from your competitor?
Are you really better than your competitor?
Why are you giving me this opportunity?
Do others care?
This is too expensive.
Why should I buy now? This is not urgent. I’ll consider it later.
Is your order form secure?

Each objection is like a subhead, expressed as a claim that resolves that objection.
So each subhead will be a claim that addresses the objection.
And each claim needs to be proven.
In order to prove something, you need about 3 independent proofs.
If you prove something 3 times, it’s almost proven, right?
That will be sufficient to make the reader believe…
Then a subsequent benefit should be implied to that claim by dimensionalizing it.
So that’s the method basically.
“OCPB” or “Copyboarding”.
The structure is Objection, Claim, Proof 1, Proof 2, Proof 3, Benefit.

objection list

The thing is, there are so many methods out there.
And I can see why some people have difficulty in finding the right method.
It is just too many methods being taught without any quantified comparison.
And the best method is the method that works.
That’s why I’ve chosen this method used by the world’s most successful copywriting company.
I’m happy to have found it. And I would like to apply it in your copy.
If you’re a copywriter or a business owner, you can apply this method and see the change in your metrics yourself!
If you want me to apply it for you, then please contact me for a friendly conversation on how to improve your sales!

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Scientific Copywriting Methods

Take the guesswork out of the equation.

A Century of Copywriting Experience from Direct-Response Copywriters

Old-school sales letters have never lost their appeal.
The tools might have changed, but the fundamentals still remain the same after 100 years.
It is also proven that long-form copy converts better than shorter advertisements.
One needs just enough space to answer the critical questions in the minds of prospective buyers.

Potential objections need to be addressed before they pop up.
I’ve studied so many sales letters, dissected them.
And I dedicate all my time to understanding and effectively applying tested methods.
Classical direct response copywriters have only concentrated their methods on how to maximize conversion rates.

The same masters pointed out in their classical books the same concepts with a little personal twist.
It is of course not just a strict scientific method, it is an art that needs inspiration as well.
Therefore, I am offering you the most important service in the realm of copywriting: long-form direct response sales copy!

I will write for your products or services direct response sales letters.
If you have a control copy, you will see the effects of my unique methods on the conversion rates.
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